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The abundant use of computers has created a demand for professionals who provide assistance and advice to computer users. Our qualified IT consultants will take care of all your technical issues providing continuous maintenance, administration, support and repair of computer systems. Our IT services include technical support for hardware, software, and computer networks. Our experienced IT consultants will quickly resolve any recurring difficulties so that your employees don’t waste their time because of computer problems.

Why should you choose our company?

  • Palmsol provides IT services for those clients who are interested in affordable high-quality computer repair and support.
  • We have over 20 years of experience in rendering IT services and managing of computer networks. We believe that each client should be treated as our partner so our client’s success is our mutual goal.
  • The experienced IT specialists we have in our team work behind the scenes to assist you in achieving your business goals by rendering quality services that guarantee operational excellence of your computer systems.
  • We have the cutting edge tools and enough expertise to promptly resolve issues even not being present at your office, thus significantly speeding up the process of problem solving.
  • We keep your computer systems working perfectly increasing your employees productivity and thus contributing to the well-being of your business.

There are many companies providing IT services in South Florida, but we are confident in our superiority and are ready to demonstrate it.

Tired of paying much for unsatisfactory IT support?
Looking forward to employ the latest technology to make your systems work even better?
Interested in hiring a qualified reliable company providing IT support services in South Florida?  

That’s why many businesses have already chosen Palmsol to take care of their IT.

We offer flexible comprehensive support solutions tailored to the needs of every single client at very modest prices. We would love to assist you regardless the scope of your business as providing excellent services for small companies and big corporations is equally important to us.

We use the latest secure access technologies to discover and solve issues remotely. You won’t even notice that there were any computer problems! We are experienced in many areas and offer outstanding IT support in terms of professionalism and expertise. Palmsol render a wide range of both network and system services making sure your IT infrastructure is exploited according to its potential. You can rely on us in everything attributable to the IT side of your business as our staff can perform server configuration and network planning with the same attention and thoroughness. We also offer pro-active IT support which means that all problems are identified and prevented before they affect your computer systems and networks.

IT is supposed to make our life easier and Palmsol make sure it does for your business.


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